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EPS board and thin plaster external insulation system (for tile finishes)

EPS board and thin plaster external insulation system (for tile finishes)

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Product description

System advantage
●The unique tile design, easy operation and safety combination of tile facing insulation supporting system
● The perfect combination of the components of the outstanding performance system to meet the system requirements such as bearing capacity
● High load anchors to strengthen the mesh to the EPS board, increasing system integrity and safety
● Supporting tile bonding and caulking materials as well as complete solutions to meet system temperature stress and deformation requirements,

Good durability and breathability

Application area

● Grassroots
Concrete or clay bricks and cement mortar bases or plasters for new construction or old house refurbishment
● recommended insulation
Design the external wall of the building using decorative tiles. The height of the building and the weight of the tiles should meet the requirements of local regulations.
● Matching finishes
It is recommended to use flexible adhesive to adhere to the required facing tile and caulking with flexible caulking agent
Note: It is not permissible to arbitrarily replace or replace parts of the system

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