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EPS board thin plaster exterior insulation system (applicable to coating finishes)

EPS board thin plaster exterior insulation system (applicable to coating finishes)

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System advantage
● High-rise building safety insulation system
●The simple structure of single-layer grid fabric meets the requirements of system crack resistance, facilitating construction
● The amount of high load anchor bolts varies with the height of the building, making it safer and more practical
● The various components of the system are of excellent performance and match each other perfectly.

Concrete, clay bricks and cement mortar bases or plastering layers suitable for new construction
● recommended insulation
Above the first floor or above 2 meters
● Matching finishes
It is recommended to use a leveling mortar or a flexible putty for applying a water-based coating or a colored decorative mortar facing material.
Note: It is not allowed to arbitrarily replace any part of the system or replace the first floor with a glass fiber mesh to improve the impact resistance.

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