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Rock wool board thin plaster exterior wall thermal insulation system

Rock wool board thin plaster exterior wall thermal insulation system

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Product description

System advantage
● high permeability insulation system to ensure a comfortable living environment
●Good sound insulation, providing a low noise living space
● Natural and inorganic system, safe and reliable
● excellent fire performance, completely non-combustible

Application area

● Grassroots
The system is suitable for the concrete or clay bricks and cement mortar bases of new construction or old house renovation projects, or the base course where the plastering layer is finished and the flatness meets the requirements.
● recommended insulation
Suitable for certain facades of buildings with high requirements for fire performance
● Matching finishes
It is recommended to use leveling mortar or use soft putty to render the base, and apply water-based paint or color decorative mortar facing material
Note: It is not permissible to arbitrarily replace or replace parts of the system

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