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XPS Series - (Extruded Board) Exterior Wall Insulation Decoration System

XPS Series - (Extruded Board) Exterior Wall Insulation Decoration System

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XPS external wall insulation decoration system is a composite of decorative panels and extruded panels. XPS extruded board uses polystyrene resin as a raw material, adding a variety of additives, foaming agents, mixing, melting, pressing, mixing, and then extrusion molding. XPS has a very perfect closed cell structure, the closed cell rate is as high as 99%, its thermal conductivity is very small, almost no water absorption, and is one of the widely used thermal insulation materials.

Insulation material

Extruded Plate (XPS)

Product Features

l High strength grade, good fireproof performance and excellent heat preservation effect.

l Very low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties.

l Integrated structure, safe and reliable, convenient construction.

Optional coating

Metal fluorocarbon lacquer, solid fluorocarbon lacquer, imitation stone lacquer, thin stone, etc. The color is selected according to the color card provided by our company.

Scope of application

It is suitable for exterior and exterior wall insulation and energy saving decoration of multi-storey, high-rise residential quarters, villas and office buildings in winter, summer and summer heat, winter and summer heat, and renovation and renovation of old buildings.

System main performance index   



Weather resistance


No chalking, blistering, emptying

No water seepage cracks

Panel and insulation tensile bond strength,MPa

0.2,Destruction on the insulation

Impact strength/J

3.0(The first layer of building materials can reach the strength10J

Freeze-thaw resistance


30Sub-cycle, no water seepage cracks, no chalking, blistering, empty drum peeling

Panel and insulation tensile bond strength/MPa

0.2,Destruction on the insulation

Insulation material thermal conductivityW/(m·k)



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