The company successfully passed the certification of safety production standardization secondary standards

Release time:

2018-03-21 14:32

  On September 23  , the company's safety production standardization secondary standards  assessment meeting was held in the conference room of the factory office building .  At the conference, experts from the assessment team of the Shandong Province Safety Supervision Bureau and Yin Zhaowen  , deputy director of the Shanghe County Safety Supervision Bureau attended the meeting  . After a two-day expert review ,  our company was identified as the second-class compliance company for safety production standardization  .

  The company will use this as an opportunity to continuously improve the safety management system and safety production long-term mechanism in the future work  , strengthen the construction of safety production emergency response system , and comprehensively carry out safety standardization work as a carrier to improve the overall safety management level of the company  .