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Using New Building Materials Building Energy Efficiency Will Have Significant Results


  According to the reporter’s understanding, the energy consumption per unit of building area in China is 23 times that of developed countries, which has caused a heavy energy burden and severe environmental pollution for the society. It is imperative for China to take the path of sustainable development and develop energy-saving and green buildings without delay. He also pointed out that China's building energy-saving potential is very large, and building energy-saving has become a key factor affecting China's energy sustainable development strategy.
Xu Yongmo, vice chairman of China Federation of Building Materials, pointed out that the development of green energy-saving buildings (low-carbon buildings), advancement of housing industrialization, improvement of building service life, improvement of architectural design aesthetics and cultural characteristics are closely related to the development of the building materials industry. The development and progress of the building materials industry provide possibilities for the above-mentioned work. For this reason, under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction industry has a major demand for the development of the building materials industry, including new wall materials that meet the building energy conservation requirements, a durable, green fireproof composite insulation wall structure system, and residential industrial material parts. The integration of technology and function, the evaluation of green building materials in the application of green buildings, the harmless disposal of urban waste, and the utilization of resources.
At this stage, the competition of most of China's new building materials companies is mainly concentrated on low-end and middle-end products. There are fewer products with higher technological content and competition in high-end fields is not fierce. In order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote building energy conservation, the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology have jointly issued the “Entry Promotion Catalog for Energy-saving Retrofitting of Existing Buildings”, which includes a number of solar energy technologies, heating technologies, and door and window materials. Wall materials, chemical building materials and other building materials products. Among them, the insulation and energy-saving coating mentioned in the list of chemical building materials, as the first batch of domestic production and sales companies, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. has received the key recommendation from the Ministry of Construction.
In early development of thermal insulation coating development, large-scale production, stable quality, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. with ZS series of thermal insulation coatings excellent performance, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation rate can reach 90%, completely shielded Building heat loss. In particular, ZS-1 Zhisheng high-temperature heat insulation coating has good heat insulation and heat insulation, and it is flame-retardant and fire-proof. No harmful gas will be produced under any conditions.
  China solemnly promises to the world that by 2020, China’s SO2 emissions per unit of GDP will fall by 40% and 45% from 2005.
At present, China’s building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption of the entire society. In order to complete China’s commitment to the world, as a large energy consumer, building energy conservation is imminent, which also brings new opportunities for the development of new building materials. It is hoped that Zhisheng Weihua Thermal Insulation Coatings will play a significant role in contributing to building energy conservation and emission reduction. It can be predicted that the development of energy-saving green energy-saving building materials will have unlimited potential. At the same time, through the use of new building materials, building energy efficiency will also achieve remarkable results.