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Old room "wearing and hats" cool in winter and cool in summer and save energy


  Energy consumption is halved in winter and cool in summer. “Current existing buildings have lower energy efficiency standards in exterior windows, external walls, and heating systems, which cause a lot of waste of resources. After energy-saving reform, heat losses decrease, and the top floors and side buildings There is almost no difference in indoor temperature between households and residents, which will solve the problem of uneven cooling and heating in the user's rooms.” Zhou Qing of Hengyuan Thermal Design Institute told the reporter that the implementation of energy-saving retrofitting is a prerequisite for heat metering and charging. . "After implementation of household measurement, for the residents, each valve will not open the valve without paying the fees. The residents who have paid the fees will not be implicated because the neighbors did not pay." Zhou Qing said. After the energy-saving transformation, the room temperature can be increased by 4°C to 5°C in winter, and can be lowered by 3°C in summer. According to the Lincang City Housing and Construction Committee, the staff introduced energy conservation, strengthened the thermal insulation of the external walls, improved the airtightness of the doors and windows, so that the supply of indoor heat in the winter is not easy to lose, summer outdoor heat is not easy to invade, comfort Greatly improve. According to statistics, energy-saving buildings can save 10-15 kilograms of standard coal per square meter per heating period than ordinary buildings. Through energy-saving renovation, the energy consumption of buildings can be reduced by more than 50%.