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Old house warmer should pay attention to details


  The three-sided insulation is more necessary for the walk-in balcony. If the house facing the north is particularly cold in the winter, it is recommended that the window be replaced with a double-glazed plastic steel window or the heating should be replaced with a larger number of heating square meters. When refurbishing it is also best to do some insulation on the wall, you can choose to stick polystyrene board or extruded board outside plasterboard insulation method.
Walk-in balcony must be better three-sided insulation Home windows and floor-to-ceiling windows, you should check whether the gap between the window and the wall is filled with full, if there is a gap filled with insulation material full, to avoid air leakage. In addition to floor-to-ceiling windows and bay windows, many families now choose to open the balcony and the room. However, due to the lack of separation between the windows and walls, the insulation coefficient of the house will suddenly drop and the temperature cannot be guaranteed. In this regard, the general construction of the balcony does not do thermal insulation, so in their own decoration, in order to maintain insulation in the balcony wall, roof, etc. to do thermal insulation. The floor can be made of light bricks or ceramsite concrete padding, and the wall surface can be affixed with polystyrene board or extruded board, and plasterboard or cement pressure board can be used to treat the paint or wall tile. The top surface can be treated with some ceilings, such as gypsum board ceilings, aluminum buckle board ceilings, sauna board ceilings and so on. Refurbishment of old houses can not be "beautiful" Many consumers will consider how to do more beautiful when refurbishing old houses. However, to decorate a house must not "respect style and temperature." Therefore, when refurbishing old houses, we must remind everyone not to dismantle the light walls, insulation walls, or even some heating systems in order to improve the interior space while maintaining indoor beauty or increase the living space. In addition, if the north-facing house is particularly cold in the winter, it is recommended to replace the window with a double-glazed steel window or to convert the heating into a larger number of square meters for heating, and it is better to renovate the wall. To do some insulation treatment, you can choose to stick polystyrene board or extruded board outside the plasterboard insulation method.