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China will strengthen the development of building fire protection materials and technology


  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 29 (Reporter Zou Wei, Luo Sha) State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu stated to the NPC Standing Committee on the status of fire prevention work on the 29th that the construction, reconstruction, and expansion of the project are strictly prohibited violations of flammable use. Combustible exterior insulation and decoration materials, and will strengthen the development and application of new building fire protection materials and technologies, and pay close attention to the revision of national standards such as building design fire protection regulations. Meng Jianzhu pointed out that with the expansion of the scale of cities and towns and the increase of population, there are a large number of fire hazards in the “urban village” and the joint between urban and rural areas, especially the increase in high-rise and underground buildings. Some building fire safety design standards are not high, and some construction  projects  are illegally used. Burning flammable insulation decoration materials, fire prevention and control more difficult. According to the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security, at present,  insulation materials such as polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are widely used in building energy-saving projects because of their good insulation properties, low price, and convenient construction. However,  these  insulation materials have a high burning speed, a large amount of combustion heat, a large toxicity of the combustion products, and a rapid spread. It is easy to form large-area three-dimensional fires in a short  period of time, and the fire teams often have lost the optimal timing of fire extinguishing when they arrive. This is the case for the fire of the Shenyang Wangxin Mansion and the fire of a high-rise residential building in Jing'an District of Shanghai. In response, the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security launched a technical survey and related research, and believed that existing standards and  regulations need to be further revised and improved, and that the application of class A non-flammable insulation materials should be vigorously promoted. At present, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have reached a consensus that they will organize the development of standards and standards as soon as possible;  among the relevant national standards that  have  been submitted for approval, the fire safety technology and management measures for the construction of external  insulation systems for buildings have also been made . Clearly defined. In the next step,  the Ministry  of Public Security will actively promote the research and development of thermal insulation materials with good thermal  insulation properties and fire performance,  and research on key technologies for fire protection of external thermal insulation systems for buildings, and actively promote the research and development of  other  forms  of  building energy-saving thermal insulation technologies to improve the construction from the source . Insulation system fire safety.