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  Shandong Hanno Baojia New Material Technology Co., Ltd., invested by the company, covers an area of 72 mu and is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales. It is the first company in Shandong Province that has obtained national certification. The mortar standardization laboratory is the first company in Shandong Province to obtain the national 3-star green building certification. The main scope of business includes exterior wall thermal insulation system, external wall thermal insulation decoration integrated board, external wall color decorative mortar, tile adhesive, caulking agent, rock color paint, light plastering plaster, gypsum base putty, gypsum base gravity construction Energy-saving products. Based on years of cooperation with the world's top 500 companies, the French Saint-Gobain Group, the company employs M-Tec mortar production equipment of the world's first dry mortar equipment and the South Korea Hyundai Heavy Industries automatic palletizing machine and other ancillary equipment, technology level world class.