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Talent idea

  I need to
  Some people still retain traditional virtues.
  They should love life and advocate labor;
  Not high profile, only know how to go all out;
  Good at discovering other people's strengths, and at the same time willing to contribute their own advantages;
  Following the basic work ethic, responsibilities are currently not evasive;
  Emphasis on group strength, habit of saying " us " instead of " me ";
  Cherish your career and be willing to place a good vision for your career

  I can
  Boldly launched, providing a place for hot blood .
  Here, the metrics are not the only ones. The competency may be better than the academic qualifications. The level can also exceed the diploma.
  Regardless of new employees or familiar faces, we also value our suggestions.
  When fresh blood comes together with us, it is a time of new ideas and assertions that will make us more attractive.
  Contributions are not selfless. Better positions and treatment are principles that we must implement. We don't   encourage or reward, but only make it worthwhile.

  In doing a good job in the company, it is trying to be a good companion .
  No pattern, no mystery ;
  We cherish talents,  affirm our abilities and appoint important tasks to provide the best job opportunities for talents ;
  We love talent more, and solving difficulties is not only at work, but also in life. Sharing joy is not limited to business results, but can also boil at the stadium .
  Talent is admired and worthy of respect. Morality is also worthy of respect.  Adhering to both moral integrity and moral integrity can not be neglected .